Group Therapy

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Quartet contact:  Abby Crone

  • Tenor – Abby Crone (CAL 19)
  • Lead – Irene Richardson (UCC)
  • Baritone – Diane Whitford (UCC)
  • Bass – Deb McCallum (UCC)

Our Story

Irene and Deb have been members of Upper Chesapeake Chorus and a few quartets over the years, but after those quartets broke up, they would go to Regional Quartet Mix ‘n’ Match events searching for a match.  They were paired up at most of the events, having very compatible voices, so they went out in search of the other two parts. 

Diane joined Upper Chesapeake Chorus determined to sing baritone.  She had been in quartets in the early ‘90s singing tenor or lead.  After participating in the Women’s Harmony Brigade, she learned that she could indeed hold her own in a quartet. 

These three didn’t have to look very far since Diane’s daughter, Abby, had moved to the area from Florida where she sang tenor with Sound of Sunshine chorus, and had been in a quartet.  So Diane and Abby came as a harmonic package deal!  After making lists of possible quartet names, Group Therapy was born in November 2015 – followed by the birth of our first ‘groupie’ about a month later when Abby became a mother and Diane a grandmother.

Group Therapy wanted to be a competing quartet, but a new mother has to keep her family priorities first.  Competition would wait.  Imagine our surprise when Abby decided in the summer of 2016 that we should compete the following spring.  Off to the races – putting together our contest package with music and coaching and costumes – Oh, MY!  All that work paid off when we were named the 2017 Novice Quartet Champions of Region 19!  Yes, it was the first time in a quartet competition for Diane and Abby!  Sweet success!

Group Therapy sings wherever our family commitments allow – chorus shows, Friends and Family Nights, local Christmas programs, and more.  We competed again in 2018 (Abby had a six-week old baby in the audience) and happily placed in the top 10!

Our musical adventure continues.  We each love to sing and we especially love to ring those chords together.  We find great joy, comfort, and exhilaration when we have a “Therapy Session” and would love to share our harmonies with you!

Awards and Achievements: 

2017 Novice Quartet Champions of Region 19, Sweet Adelines International